February 14, 2000 Founded at a small loft of no more than 20 square meters
July 2000 Relocated, for the first time, to an office room of 80 square meters at Xingyue Building, with a staff of 14 rising from 6
August 2000 Yangjiang Office founded
February 2001 Design Department set up, which outstood in the industry in China; design gradually becoming one of company's core competence
April 2001 Guangzhou City Office founded with a permanent exhibition hall, which ran the earliest among all our competitors
May 2002 Expanding into U.S high-end brand market with the first OEM project
September 2002 Relocated for the second time, from Xingyue Building into Shangmao Century Plaza , the  office building with 500 square meters ,with a staff of 23 
March 2004 Engineer Department set up, the earliest in the industry in China mainland; technology becoming one of company's core competence
June 2004 Quality Control Department set up in order to enhance product quality 
December 2004 Wenzhou City Office founded
April 2005 Guangzhou City Office relocated to the new site
November 2005 Start to run self-operated import& export business
June 2006 Training Department set up
April 2007 Longquan City Office founded
December 2007 Product Quality Control Center established to strengthen quality control of exports and delivery time
October 2008 Third time relocated, move to Changfa Center ,the office building, with nearly 1700 square meters and a staff up to 60 from 23
May 2011 The company has passed the SGS professional certification, has obtained the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate.
October 2014 Named by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce as "the International Famous Brand Enterprise in the Years of 2014 to 2016 with Priority in Cultivation and Development given by Nanjing Municipal government"
November2015 Product testing center set up 
June 2016 Owned 30 patents and 4 registered trademarks. The number of employees is over 200
February 2017 New product testing center set up
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